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Graduation is a landmark moment that is treasured and remembered for a lifetime: deserving of unique and everlasting photographs to mark the occasion. Senior pictures that soar above the ordinary are created by award-winning photographer Dan Christopher. You will have a great time at your artistic session and you’ll love your portraits. Bring friends, props, even your pet.

 close up portrait of aloha high school teen senior boywearing lacrosse uniform with helmet

 senior with red mustang dan christopher photography teen girl with gentle smile wearing red sweater


 studio portrait graduate dressed gray sweater girl wearing yellow tshirt black jeans barefoot

 red headed portland girl high fashion stairway pose high school senior beside railroad tracks

 tigard boy posing weathered wooden fence photo teen boy wearing plaid shirt downtown portland

 senior boy wearing racing jacket at fence senior picture of portland girl wearning white pulloever

 smiling boy in white tshirt on floor red haired boy in relaxed portrait pose
 senior zippered sweatshirt dan christopher photography
 girl smiling for portrait wearing purple prom dress photo of preppy boy in tie, dress shirt

 laughing teen boy holding saxophone  lake oswego teen student in prom dress
 portrait of six wilson high school students
 outdoor picture senior girl leaning against barn african american boy leaning on black leather chair

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